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Solar Panel Repair & Service in Centennial, CO

The solar panels at your Centennial property may one day end up in need of repair. This may be due to a storm of some kind, an accident, or even human error of some kind. Regardless of the reason, if your panels have received any damage, BriteStreet Solar Group can help with repairs. With our experience, we offer quickly and efficient fixes for the solar power systems at Centennial properties. Don’t trust just any company in Centennial to take care of your panels; let us take handle repairs so you can relax without worry.

Solar Panel Repair at Centennial Properties

Before we jump right in to doing solar panel repairs, we must first determine what exactly is wrong with the system. To do this, we check to see if your Centennial property is still receiving power from it. If it is, we will move on to see what part could be causing a problem. Sometimes, however, the solar panels are not performing at all, and may just need to be replaced. Having our staff do a quick inspection of your system, we will let you know which is the case at your property in Centennial.

Solar Service to Identify Issues in Centennial

If the problem with your solar system in Centennial can be repaired, we will work to identify where the issue is coming from. The glass panels may be cracked or chipped on the edges, in which case we will take steps to secure the pieces so that they can function properly for your Centennial property. If the wires or connections are loose, our team will re-solder and re-secure them. Our experts know how to identify these problems and how to get them repaired.

Repairing Your Centennial Solar Panels

Once we know what the problem with your solar system is, our Centennial staff can move forward with repairs. Again, this may include re-soldering connections or even repairing the glass in the panels. There may be other problems as well, including a loose mounting system which will be re-secured to the roof of your Centennial property. With our solar service, we will work to ensure that your system is up and running again for you to have access to your solar power.

Go Solar with BriteStreet Solar Group

When you need a solar power system for your commercial or residential property come to BriteStreet Solar Group. Since 2012, our Denver-based company has offered financial and installation options for owners interested in lowering energy costs, improving curb appeal, and protecting the environment. Our experienced team uses industry-leading products paired with our financial creativity to provide affordable solar power systems that give you peace of mind. Contact us when you’re ready for simple and easy solar solutions!

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